January 31 - February 3, 2025


Hosted by Irene Tyndale

A curated experience for aspiring, new, or established wedding planners who want to become better CEOs and planners.


A retreat for wedding planners

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A Business Conference For Women

the experience

Day 1: "Working On" Your Business

We'll dive headfirst into empowering you with the essential tools and strategies needed to enhance your business operations, expand your reach, and boost your online presence. Together, we'll explore crucial topics, including business plans, branding, marketing, SEOs, SOPs, and systems. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to clarity as we equip you with the knowledge to scale your wedding planning business.

Day 2: "Working In" Your Business

A day to perfect the art of client service through effective planning, management, and flawless execution. We'll delve into the intricacies of ensuring everything runs smoothly on the big day, empowering you with expertise and skills to deliver exceptional experiences to your clients. Let's conquer the challenges and equip you to handle every detail with grace, leaving you and your clients amazed.

Planner's Brunch:

An extraordinary brunch experience with a true luminary in the industry. Jon'll Boyd, Life Purpose & Business Coach, Co-Founder of Boyd Cru Wines, and former event planner, will share her invaluable expertise on aligning your business with your life purpose. Discover how to identify and pursue work that truly fulfills you. Jon'll will also reveal her journey of transitioning from event planning to the wine industry, imparting wisdom on diversifying your business for long-term success. Connect, learn, and gain insights from a successful entrepreneur who understands the path you're on.

Each night, we'll have a fun activity planned, and you'll receive a SWAG bag filled with goodies. You'll also have access to a private Facebook community, where you can connect with other planners and speakers

 a Friday Night Welcome Party, some meals and snacks, intentional networking, an accountability partner, and many more surprises. 

The Becoming Retreat for Wedding Planners 

You have decided that it is time to approach your business with a strong business foundation, branding and marketing strategy so you can fully embrace your talent and role as a wedding planner and CEO.

is for you if:

You are ready to show up differently and more confidently in your business not only for yourself but your family and brand.

You are ready to establish and grow your brand on social media.

You strive to be the best version of yourself all the time - which means doing big things in business and pushing yourself to grow!

You are tired of trying to expand and scale your business while trying out strategies that are not bringing any money to your business.

You need some direction and support in order to be accountable and crush those big goals!


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Meet Irene

Irene Tyndale, CEO and Principal Planner of Irene Tyndale Weddings and Events an award-winning boutique event planning firm based in Atlanta, GA. 

Attending the Becoming Retreat was one of the best decision I made for my business. Irene and her team provided a five star service from the beginning to the end, and everyday was packed with great teaching and information that helped me to take my business to the next level. After the retreat I did a full rebranding of my company, and redid my website. I not only learned how to create a brand that lasts, but also how to serve my clients as a professional wedding planner. 
Another thing I enjoyed about the retreat was meeting other women and building long lasting friendships.
Last but not least, one thing I loved is the support system Irene created for wedding planners even after the retreat, allowing us to get better and established wedding planners.

Grace - Everlasting Weddings By Grace 

Real Stories from Past Attendees

The Becoming Retreat was phenomenal. At the time I attended the retreat, my business was fairly new & I received so much knowledge when it comes to being a successful business owner & planner. Irene & her team were strategic in the events & daily sessions that were planned. The speakers/facilitators were all awesome & knowledgeable in the industry. This experience was a great opportunity to meet & connect with other planners & business owners of like-minded faith that has blossomed into healthy relationships. Irene & her team made sure we all felt important. Not only did she make sure our businesses were setup for success, but our mind, body, soul, & and spirit were renewed. If you are looking for a wedding planners retreat that far exceeds your expectations, the Becoming Retreat is definitely for you, you won't regret it, it's absolutely mind blowing.

-Latoya Jacquett


"As an established wedding planner, I was looking for new strategies to scale my business and stay ahead of the competition. Becoming: A Retreat for Wedding Planners delivered on all fronts. The expert speakers, practical workshops, and the supportive community transformed my approach to branding, marketing, and client service. I left the retreat with a clear roadmap to success and the motivation to make it happen."

 - Emily Collins


"Attending the retreat was a turning point in my career. Before, I felt lost and overwhelmed, not knowing how to navigate the wedding planning industry. But Becoming: A Retreat for Wedding Planners changed everything. The insights, mentorship, and friendships I gained gave me the support and direction I needed to establish my brand, attract clients, and grow my business. I'm forever grateful for this life-changing experience."

 Jessica Rodriguez



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Includes all education sessions, events, SWAG, and some meals
Plus 2024 Becoming Replay Videos
6 Month Membership to Success Pod for Planners 
*Monthly Group Coaching Program 

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