Planners Unplugged: Secrets of the World’s Greatest Event Planners book, the first anthology to be written by planners and for planners.

Planners Unplugged is an exciting new addition to the EventPlanning world where 18 of the industries top planners have joined forces together to produce an in-depth look behind the scenes of the not-so-glamorous side of professional event planning. By sharing their stories of trials, tribulations, obstacles, and hardships in addition to how they emerged through each of these triumphant and transformed these women entrepreneurs have gone where no other event planning text has gone before, encouraging education and personal growth through the industry to not only both current and future event planners but women all over the world who dare to dream and to live without hiding or being judged.

Contributing Co-Authors include:

Irene Tyndale, Candace Joy, Jennifer Lloyd Ball, Ivori Lipscomb-Warren, Crystal Marie, Tortica Anderson, Allison Smith,  Gail Prescott, Marian Hilliard, Jamesa Adams, Athena DeVonne, Ashley Johnson, Shaun Cox, Sherece Fullerton, Shanae Hall, Elana Walker, and Candice Denise.

We create experiences that tell our client’s stories but now it’s time for us to share our own!




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