Sparkler exits are great fun for the big send off—not to mention they make for some killer photos—but they don’t have quite the same effect when they sun is still out.  That’s why I have taken to the Pinterest boards to find you some equally awesome ideas for your daytime wedding!

Photo Credit-Katelyn James Photography


Up first we have the “Ribbon Wand.”  These simple little decorates are a sweet and mess-free way to wish the bride and groom well on their way.  They add the perfect pop of color for pictures, bells can be attached for some jingle, and they can even double as personalized wedding favors!  We’ve attached an easy DIY tutorial to get you started.





Now this next one may not be the most practical, but it definitely plays to the kid in all of us…and once again, it makes for great pictures!  A balloon release; have the guests line up and let the balloons go as the couple passes by.  A rainbow of your wedding colors will linger in the sky as you drive away as husband and wife. You can even have the balloons filled with love quotes or secret notes of well wishes from your guests.

Ryan Ray Photopghy
Rustic Wedding Chic-DIY Birdseed Pack


Our last pick for today is for all of you practical, eco-friendly brides out there.  And considering it is spring and all of our little feathered friends are out and about, I think tossing birdseed is a smart choice.  Choose a blend with some variety (for the birds) and for color.  Best part about this is, nobody gets stuck sweeping up confetti!