We obviously love weddings. Each one unique in its own way. But we have a special place in our heart for a church wedding! First Presbyterian Church is full of classic southern architecture. The white paneling and pews are a fabulous contrast to the rich mahogany wood details. With a pop of coral paint, it is truly beautiful.

Amy opted for a full Satin ballgown Satin & Crystal embellishments and with button details on the back. She adorned herself with crystals and pearls.

Her bridesmaids wore cute aqua chiffon cocktail dresses and all of the ladies carried bouquets of white roses, green cymbidium orchids and hydrangea.

Amy and Matt have a little spunk to their relationship- so this red and white T-bird Ford fit Amy & Matt’s personalities to a T (no pun intended!)! This one actually belongs to Matt’s dad. An old classic car is a great getaway vehicle and makes for such a neat photo!

A father’s first-look at his daughter has just as much impact on me as a the groom’s first look.  A father seeing his little girl all grown up and beginning her journey as a wife is monumental. If you don’t opt for a first look with your groom, we highly recommend a first look photo with your father!

Amy’s father was actually one of the ceremony officiants! He did a wonderfully sentimental and romantic reading for the newlyweds after walking his little girl down the aisle.

After the ceremony and photos, the celebration continued at the Brickyard. The Brickyard is a great industrial chic venue- one of the many reasons we love working there is that it makes a great canvas for any decor. Dressed up or down, it looks great!

Guests dined on “breakfast for dinner” by Carriage House Catering and danced the night away thanks to Fonix Entertainment. And let’s not forget the dessert! Delectable dessert provided by Miss Mamie’s Bakery!

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