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Atlanta Wedding Planner – Amy & Matt’s The Brickyard Wedding

We obviously love weddings. Each one unique in its own way. But we have a special place in our heart for a church wedding! First Presbyterian Church is full of classic southern architecture. The white paneling and pews are a fabulous contrast to the rich mahogany wood details. With a pop of coral paint, it is truly beautiful.

Amy opted for a full Satin ballgown Satin & Crystal embellishments and with button details on the back. She adorned herself with crystals and pearls.

Her bridesmaids wore cute aqua chiffon cocktail dresses and all of the ladies carried bouquets of white roses, green cymbidium orchids and hydrangea.

Amy and Matt have a little spunk to their relationship- so this red and white T-bird Ford fit Amy & Matt’s personalities to a T (no pun intended!)! This one actually belongs to Matt’s dad. An old classic car is a great getaway vehicle and makes for such a neat photo!

A father’s first-look at his daughter has just as much impact on me as a the groom’s first look.  A father seeing his little girl all grown up and beginning her journey as a wife is monumental. If you don’t opt for a first look with your groom, we highly recommend a first look photo with your father!

Amy’s father was actually one of the ceremony officiants! He did a wonderfully sentimental and romantic reading for the newlyweds after walking his little girl down the aisle.

After the ceremony and photos, the celebration continued at the Brickyard. The Brickyard is a great industrial chic venue- one of the many reasons we love working there is that it makes a great canvas for any decor. Dressed up or down, it looks great!

Guests dined on “breakfast for dinner” by Carriage House Catering and danced the night away thanks to Fonix Entertainment. And let’s not forget the dessert! Delectable dessert provided by Miss Mamie’s Bakery!

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The Brickyard /

Carriage House Catering /

Bri McDaniel Photography /

Fonix Entertainment /

Carithers Floral /

Makeup/Hair-Susan Gramling  /

Miss Mamie’s Bakery/


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Atlanta Wedding Planner- Sarah & William, Callonwolde Fine Art Center

Stunning doesn’t even begin to describe Sarah & William’s wedding day!  The pure emotion behind a wedding day often takes my breathe away. And no matter how many ceremonies I see, i still get misty eyed thinking about. But my goodness- these two are such a picture perfect couple. So kind, caring and in-love!

I’m a sucker for a clean color pallet.  Sarah & William opted for a classic black and white with pops of silver- which was such a beautiful pairing in the Callonwolde Fine Art Center’s space. I adore this venue!  Between that fabulous grand staircase, crystal & fabric draped ceiling and perfectly placed lighting, it was hard to pick a favorite photo! All the decor elements flowed together effortlessly!

The amazing (and delicious) food was provided by Zest Catering. They did a fantastic job on the display- it was all so delectable! The rose petals made for such a soft touch with the mirrored displays too!

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Callonwolde Fine Arts Center /

Zest Catering /

Christopher Brock Photography /

Design/Decor Irene Tyndale Events & Confetti (Donna Lipscomb) /

Fonix Entertainment /


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Wedding Specialists: Fonix Entertainment

21 Questions to ask a DJ before hiring them for your wedding
By Olivia & Travis Gilbert of Fonix Entertainment

Everyone loves a good party, and an excellent DJ can provide a lot more than just tunes. However, many people don’t even know where to begin their DJ quest. Here are some tips to scoring the perfect professional to entertain your guests, convey your personal style and keep the party going all night long!

First things first, leave price out—we, promise we’ll come back to it! Many people overlook a DJ as a valued counterpart to the event and opt for a DJ based on the amount of equipment of service. Think of the best events that you have been to and ask where they found their entertainment. Friends, family, photographers, caterers and your event’s location will have some great referrals. Then check your favorite search engine and local publications for a few more options. Use these resources to start your DJ research. Now that you have some contenders, make contact and ask questions—the response and attitude will help narrow down your list. Most importantly, make sure you talk with the DJ available to avoid a bait and switch tactic. Remember, leave the price out till you narrow your search down because you never know what kind of deals and specials are available, unless you ask. And always ask are there any additional fees after signing the contract. You want to make sure your comparing apples to apples.

Below will help you find the perfect DJ are some ideal questions, in order:

• Are you available for <insert date event>?

• How long have you been a performer/How many events have you performed?
• Do you know who to mix/blend songs? (sadly many DJs now rely on auto mix vs real skill)
• What makes you different than other local DJ’s?
• Describe a typical event and how you perform.
• Do you have any reviews online? And where?
• Have you performed an event at (your venue)?

• Are you insured? (make sure it meets your venue’s vendor insurance requirements) 
• Will the same person I talk to before the event be my DJ? 
• How long has the DJ been with your DJ company? (high turnover rates are a sign of bad agent or poor business ethics) 
• Do you charge by the hour or do you have package plans?
• Do you provide any tools to assist me in planning my event?

Music Library
• Can we choose our own songs?
• Do we have to choose music only from you library?
• Do you take requests?

• Do you use industry standard professional equipment? (Be weary of the DJ and check pictures of their events; there are DJ’s that use consumer grade blue tooth speakers with short range)
• Do you have back-up equipment?
• How does your equipment set up?
• Do you provide wireless mic’s?
• Do you provide any dance lighting?
• How early must you arrive to set-up?

These are just a few questions be sure to advise any special requirements and/or cultural dances. From here you have a better idea of what to expect from a local DJ. Look at your proposals and weigh out your options. Visit their websites and look for client feedback, photo galleries and videos from events. There are many things to consider before you make your final decision. Your DJ should provide a planning form—this will give you a general timeline, a format of how the event will be run. You are paying for much more than a warm body behind turntables! Do not believe that just anyone can speak in front of people and convey the message with confidence and enthusiasm while also making the message effective. If you’re searching for a DJ for your Wedding, always, always meet the DJ or speak with the DJ via a conference call before you sign any contracts. Never go by a company’s reputation. This is 50% of the process of finding the right DJ because at the end of the day the best DJ for your event will be able to communicate on your level. Listen to the voice of your DJ. Do you like it?

Make your informed decision. Get a contract. Do not be shy—these DJ’s cannot make your event the talk of the town if you don’t talk to them. Be clear about exactly what you want. 

The Fonix Entertainment team which consists of 7 qualified djs, which includes over 5,000+ Events including mainly Weddings under their belt. Fonix Entertainment is a quality driven provider of Highly Trained Professional DJ's and State of the Art Lighting. The team of Entertainment Specialists will match a DJ to your taste & style while minimizing the cost of hiring an over-qualified DJ. Keep in mind; Fonix DJ’s are professional mix DJ’s with years of emcee experience ensuring your night is mixed right for your type of Event! All Fonix DJs are either full-time career driven entertainers or are involved with music for a living.
The Fonix Entertainment team which consists of 7 qualified djs, which includes over
5,000+ Events including mainly Weddings under their belt. Fonix Entertainment is
a quality driven provider of Highly Trained Professional DJ’s and State of the Art
Lighting. The team of Entertainment Specialists will match a DJ to your taste & style
while minimizing the cost of hiring an over-qualified DJ. Keep in mind; Fonix DJ’s are
professional mix DJ’s with years of emcee experience ensuring your night is mixed right
for your type of Event! All Fonix DJs are either full-time career driven entertainers or are
involved with music for a living.

For more information and to schedule a consultation with Fonix Entertainment click HERE & fill out an online inquiry form.    

Photo Credit: In The Moment Wedding Photography



Real Bride Chat-Post Wedding Reflections

Sarah & William Winter Wonderland

On February 15, 214 William and Sarah said “I Do” at the magnificent Callanwolde Fine Arts at the end of the second snowstorm of 2014 surrounded by their family & friends.   When I met Sarah & William in August 2013 they shared their vision for a winter wedding.  With the help of an amazing design team their vision was executed perfectly. 


How different was your original wedding vision from your actual wedding? My vision for the wedding actually was brought to life by amazing planning and a wonderful decorator!  Some things were actually much prettier.   I think it’s very important for a bride to know what she wants and know how to communicate that to her planner 🙂

What surprised you most about the planning process?  Probably the length of time it takes to get it “right”, to research options, and the countless little details you don’t even think about.
Weddings by Christopher-806
What surprised you the most about the wedding day?  Just how beautiful and emotional it was. Also how quickly the night flies by!  Enjoy it because it’s over too quickly!
Weddings by Christopher-110
What was your favorite moment of the wedding day?  Seeing how happy William was all night.  Also seeing that smile on my mom and dad’s and granny’s faces.
Weddings by Christopher-127


Finally, what is your best tip for future brides?  Let’s see-know what you want and hire a planner who you love to work with and who shares your vision too.  Know your budget, research options, try to stay calm, and enjoy every single moment.

Thank You to the Wedding Pros assisted with Sarah & William’s Vision 
Planner: Irene Tyndale Events
Designer/Decor: Donna Lipscomb of Confetti
Floral: A&K Affairs
Catering: Zest Catering
Photographer/Video: Chris Brock Photography & Decisive Moments Photography
Entertainment: Fonix Entertainment
Vintage Car: Special Day Limo
Cake: Buckhead Bakehouse
Bride’s Hair & Makeup: Dina Marie Makeup 
Photobooth: TapSnap
Rentals: S&K Rentals

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