Welcome to Wedding Wednesday, my name is Krystal!

Lane1I’m currently engaged to the wonderful Andrew Lane, and together we are planning a wedding on a tight budget. Don’t cringe too quickly; we’re going to have an amazing wedding. There are many reasons brides and grooms are frightened by the concept of a tight budget.

Over the next 7-ish months I invite you to follow Andrew and I’s journey to becoming husband and wife. Each week we will address different points of the wedding, what speed bumps we hit and what                                                                       we enjoy the most in this special time.

Lane2I was born in sunny Los Angeles, transplanted to Augusta, and currently live in the beautiful surrounding area of Atlanta. I recently graduated with my Bachelors in Public relations from Kennesaw State University. On top of trying to plan my wedding, I am a twenty three year old trying to figure out what I’m doing with my life. {I’m juggling a lot right now, but having Andrew makes it all so much better!} I work part time at a little consignment boutique in Smyrna, and assist Irene with a wide spread set of things.

Lane3Andrew was born in Rome, Georgia went to school in Alabama, and is currently a music teacher in Douglassville, Georgia. Every day Mr. Lane puts on a smile and teaches children kindergarten through fifth grade to love music, yes it’s very cute to watch. He enjoys doing things most guys do, he plays the bass at our church, is on two fantasy football teams, and likes to watch pretty much any sport.

More important than anything we enjoy doing as couple, we enjoy spending time together. Honestly, we both don’t make a lot of money right now, we date cheap. Before getting engaged Andrew and I spent numerous dates eating Costco hotdogs and walking the store imagining what we would own if we were married. Insert stores such as Target, Bed Bath and Beyond and Ikea and well you’ve just learned every store we love.

Being in love is hard, being engaged is harder. This season in our life we say is just awkward. I’m no longer just the girlfriend, but I’m also not his wife (which I am so excited to be). Living in limbo is weird, but it has taught me a lot about myself already, and we’ve only been engaged for three months.

I cannot promise this blog will be perfect on how to plan a wedding, but I do promise we’ll be honest with you. We’ve already knocked out our venue; we actually did that 6 days after getting engaged. But we still have a lot to do and a lot to decide/compromise on as a couple.

Next week I would like to talk to you about our engagement, what it’s like for girls to have expectations about rings and some grand engagement. The proposal is such a small step in the story you and your love one will tell, why get caught up in the hopes of having what you’ve seen on Facebook videos? Your story is unique, as your engagement should be.

Every couple has a budget that should be respected.  We work with couples with a variety of budgets.  If you need assistance figuring your budget out schedule a complimentary consultation with an ITE Member today!