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Farrah + Jimmy’s Millennium Gate Museum Wedding


Farrah and Jimmy’s Millennium Gate Museum wedding was a glamorous affair with just a tiny boho vibe.  These two are incredible individuals and together, they’re a dynamic, passionate pair!

Farrah was absolutely giddy all day- we’d catch glimpses of her just dancing & twirling, smiling ear-to-ear. Her dress fit her like a glove (so sexy & feminine)!Her bridal party was a BLAST too! We love the mauve color of the gowns and her bridesman’s crisp navy suit.

The outdoor ceremony on the rooftop was so emotional! As Jimmy wiped tears from Farrah’s eyes during the ceremony, we melted! The weather was perfect, the view was amazing and it was perfectly intimate. How about that adorable ring bearer & flower girl too?!

The decor choices were fabulous- the florals knocked our socks off! Farrah’s burgundy, mauve, pink and greenery bouquet was a boho dream come true. We fawned, we’ll admit it! The same florals were carried through in the reception design, petite bud vases and small sprigs of flowers sat atop garland, beneath a clear tent.  We love clear tents because you can dine beneath the stars, without a worry of the weather!

We’re so happy for these two!

If you missed our other favorite images on Instagram, head on over to our profile and check those out too!

We LOVE that Farrah has a bride’s man. When a bride includes the *people* that are most important to her in the bridal party, she’s sure to be happier! Sometimes ‘tradition’ is meant to be broken.

Venue: Millennium Gate Museum

Wedding Planning: Shelby, Irene Tyndale Events

Tent & Rental items: Peachtree Tents and Events 

Photography:  A Williams Photography
Beauty: Glam Squad (hair), Meredith Kurbel (bride’s makeup)

Catering: Chef Kern 

Video: Watermark Weddings

Cake: Perfect Wedding Cake

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Rebecca + Lewis’ Elegant, Industrial Terminus 330 Wedding

Rebecca and Lewis’ Terminus 330 wedding in mid-town Atlanta was a BLAST! These two are firecrackers and were a joy to work with.

The decor included tons of greenery, candlelight, and gold.  It was understated romance and perfect for Terminus’ industrial chic venue.

Guest favors were a collection of sweet treats- which is always a popular option to cap off the night (you really can’t go wrong with a consumable favor).

The night concluded with a visit from the Clemson Mascot and Terminus’ signature confetti cannon (which was one of the couple’s favorite parts of the night)!

Photo: Once Like A Spark

Venue: Terminus 330

Flowers: Stylish Stems

Entertainment: DJ Neezy

Cake: Cakes by Anna

Catering: Glorious Events

Makeup artist: Katie Wall

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Make IT Stylish: 2017 Wedding Dress Trends

Spring is here, and we are seeing some great 2017 wedding fashion trends on the horizon!


Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, so why not feel like a queen for the day? We are loving the full-on fairytale skirts and dainty details of these romantic ball gowns.

Atlanta Wedding Dress Fashion Trends 2017 Ballgown

Atlanta Wedding Dress Fashion Trends 2017 Ballgown

Atlanta Wedding Dress Fashion Trends 2017 Ballgown
Source (left); Source (right)


Glam just took it up a notch! We’re seeing more sparkle, more details and just more everything! If you want all eyes on you on the big day, shop for styles like these!

Atlanta Wedding Dress Fashion Trends 2017 Glam

Atlanta Wedding Dress Fashion Trends 2017 Glam
Source (left); Source (right)

Atlanta Wedding Dress Fashion Trends 2017 Glam


Live life colorfully, even on your wedding day! Tying the knot in a fun shade is perfect for unique brides who dare to be different.

Atlanta Wedding Dress Fashion Trends 2017 Color
Source (left); Source (right)

Atlanta Wedding Dress Fashion Trends 2017 Color

Atlanta Wedding Dress Fashion Trends 2017 Color
Source (left); Source (right)

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Make IT Delicious: Dreamy Dessert Ideas

While you still might want a small wedding cake for cutting, more and more couples are featuring alternative desserts on their wedding day. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite unique wedding dessert ideas to satisfy any sweet tooth!

Wedding Cupcake dessert table

Ah, cupcakes…a cute miniature alternative to traditional cake! Cupcakes are easier for your guests to grab and go, plus it looks way more adorable as a dessert display table, wouldn’t you agree?


Wedding donut display

Donuts are definitely a wedding trend lately! The crazier the toppings, the better! Offer an assortment of traditional and fun flavors so guests can enjoy choosing which one they want to try.

Wedding pie dessert table

Perfect for fall weddings, pies are a wonderful rustic dessert option. If you’re not a fan of whole pies, try mini pies or pie pops instead!

Wedding mini dessert display

If you can’t decide because you love all desserts, then why not just have an assorted miniature dessert display?! You can offer sweet shooters, macarons, tartlets, cake pops and whatever else your heart desires!
What is your favorite wedding dessert? Share your thoughts in a comment below!

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Make IT Fun: Bachelorette Party Ideas for 2017

Dreaming of the perfect Bachelorette Party, but still a little foggy on the details?  But you know you don’t want the crazy trip to vegas or cruise to the Bahamas?  We’ve rounded up some of our favorite options to consider that cater to just about any kind of bridal party.


Woman relaxing by the pool, bachelorette party ideas 2017, irene tyndale wedding planner

Treat yourself and your ladies to a spa day complete with facials, massages, mani/pedis and body wraps! Enjoy champagne and a light lunch between treatments for the ultimate relaxation experience. Take things up a notch by having a mobile spa come to you and hire out a caterer to provide a gourmet lunch and cocktails. Swoon!


Coffee and muffins for sleepover, bachelorette party ideas 2017, irene tyndale wedding planner

Take your ladies down memory lane with a good old girls night! Watch romantic comedies, munch on all of your favorite snacks (and wine, of course) and have a pillow fight! Conclude the slumber party with an elaborate brunch the next morning with mimosas and lots of pastries.


Food and wine, meat and cheese, bachelorette party ideas 2017, irene tyndale wedding planner

Everyone likes to eat, right? Indulge in a food-themed bachelorette party! Whether it’s a cooking class, a wine-paired dinner or a tasting event, you and your ladies will have so much fun trying delicious food and drinks.


Women talking by bonfire while camping, bachelorette party ideas 2017, irene tyndale wedding planner

Explore nature by going camping for a night or two! Perfect for the outdoorsy bride, you and your girls can roast s’mores over a bonfire, go hiking on nearby trails and unwind with environment. Sounds relaxing!


Woman painting, bachelorette party ideas 2017, irene tyndale wedding planner

Try getting crafty for your bachelorette party! Bring your ladies to an arts and crafts event like a painting class, a pottery class or even a floral design workshop.




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5 Steps to Organizing your Wedding Brain {Plus 3 articles from other wedding pros}







Happy Leap Day! Welcome to our Leap Blog!

Enjoy the great ideas, tips and inspirations as you Leap along through the blog leap.  You may just be starting the blog leap or may have come from Katie Snyder at Katie Snyder Photography.  If you get off track at any time, the full lineup below will help you move along from blog to blog so you make sure to see and learn from all of the articles featured here today.

Five tips to organizing your Wedding Brain

Congratulations! You have found the man of your dreams and he asked you to be his wife! Now what? Where do you start? Bridal Show? Wedding Magazines? Pinterest? With so many planing options out there today it takesIt is hard to stay focus on the reason why your getting married with a never ending task list.

Step #1 Show me the Money!
Long are the days of tradition when the “Bride’s family paid for the wedding”. Talking about money is never easy, but it is crucial step in the wedding planning process. Sit down with both sets of parents and discuss the budget and your vision. This will help you narrow down your choices of venues Take care of this ASAP so that you can start planning for the wedding you can afford.

Step #2 Guest who’s coming to dinner?

Your guest list will be dictated by your budget and will assist you in choosing your venue and vendors.


When creating your guest list think about who in your lives you would want present on your Wedding Day.  Create a must invite list first with your closet family and friends.  These are the people that mean the most to you.  Cut guest that you haven’t spoken with in over a year, eliminate co-workers, second cousins, etc.  Everyone will want to be invited but not everyone is a VIP on this day.

Step #3-So, When is the big day?
The number one question after you tell your engagement story is When’s the big day? Finding the perfect wedding date can be overwhelming. Here are a few key things to consider: season and time, budget, destination, schedules, venue and vendor availability. Then choose 2-3 dates in case your preferred dates are not available.

Step #4  What’s your wedding style?
Step away from Pinboard! With so many beautiful weddings on Pinterest how do you know your wedding style?HELBR309_

Are you Classic? City Chic? Vintage? or Rustic? Your wedding style should be determined by your personal styles; from the way you dress, decorate your home to your passions. Who you are couple should be visible in the details throughout your wedding day

Step #5  Choose your Dream Team
View More: the right vendor can be tricky, so where do you start? Referrals are the best research you can do.  Talk to your friends (especially if they’ve been married recently). Personal referrals are the best. Browse through local blogs, magazines & wedding directories for advice and inspiration. Once you have researched and narrowed down your choices make an appointment with at least two vendors per category to help you compare. It is very important that you not only like their portfolio you also like them on a personal level. You need to have a team that you trust with the most important day of your life!

Bonus-Book your Vendors in the following order:

Ceremony Location
Reception Venue
Wedding Planner
Catering if not provided by the venue
Designer {Floral & Decor}

I hope these steps will help ease your “Wedding Brain” and get you focused. Remember to take some time out from planning to stay connected to your fiance and remember the reason why your getting married.

The next stop is  Katie Snyder at Katie Snyder Photography  on Irene Tyndale Events’s Blog Leap! Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you again next month!

Blog Leap Line-Up
1.  Irene Tyndale at Irene Tyndale Events
2. Katie Snyder at Katie Snyder Photography
3.  Corianne Elizabeth at  Corianne Elizabeth Makeup
4.LeiLani Golden at Elle Golden Photography



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Wedding Wednesday-Journey to “I Do”

Welcome to Wedding Wednesday, my name is Krystal!

Lane1I’m currently engaged to the wonderful Andrew Lane, and together we are planning a wedding on a tight budget. Don’t cringe too quickly; we’re going to have an amazing wedding. There are many reasons brides and grooms are frightened by the concept of a tight budget.

Over the next 7-ish months I invite you to follow Andrew and I’s journey to becoming husband and wife. Each week we will address different points of the wedding, what speed bumps we hit and what                                                                       we enjoy the most in this special time.

Lane2I was born in sunny Los Angeles, transplanted to Augusta, and currently live in the beautiful surrounding area of Atlanta. I recently graduated with my Bachelors in Public relations from Kennesaw State University. On top of trying to plan my wedding, I am a twenty three year old trying to figure out what I’m doing with my life. {I’m juggling a lot right now, but having Andrew makes it all so much better!} I work part time at a little consignment boutique in Smyrna, and assist Irene with a wide spread set of things.

Lane3Andrew was born in Rome, Georgia went to school in Alabama, and is currently a music teacher in Douglassville, Georgia. Every day Mr. Lane puts on a smile and teaches children kindergarten through fifth grade to love music, yes it’s very cute to watch. He enjoys doing things most guys do, he plays the bass at our church, is on two fantasy football teams, and likes to watch pretty much any sport.

More important than anything we enjoy doing as couple, we enjoy spending time together. Honestly, we both don’t make a lot of money right now, we date cheap. Before getting engaged Andrew and I spent numerous dates eating Costco hotdogs and walking the store imagining what we would own if we were married. Insert stores such as Target, Bed Bath and Beyond and Ikea and well you’ve just learned every store we love.

Being in love is hard, being engaged is harder. This season in our life we say is just awkward. I’m no longer just the girlfriend, but I’m also not his wife (which I am so excited to be). Living in limbo is weird, but it has taught me a lot about myself already, and we’ve only been engaged for three months.

I cannot promise this blog will be perfect on how to plan a wedding, but I do promise we’ll be honest with you. We’ve already knocked out our venue; we actually did that 6 days after getting engaged. But we still have a lot to do and a lot to decide/compromise on as a couple.

Next week I would like to talk to you about our engagement, what it’s like for girls to have expectations about rings and some grand engagement. The proposal is such a small step in the story you and your love one will tell, why get caught up in the hopes of having what you’ve seen on Facebook videos? Your story is unique, as your engagement should be.

Every couple has a budget that should be respected.  We work with couples with a variety of budgets.  If you need assistance figuring your budget out schedule a complimentary consultation with an ITE Member today!

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One of my favorite wedding ideas…First Look









Welcome to our April Blog Hop!
This month we are focusing on our favorite wedding ideas to help you in the process of planning your wedding or event. Get ready for some great ideas, inspiration and how to as you move along through the blog hop.

You may just be starting the blog hop or may have come from Natalie Bradley at Natalie Bradley Events on Natalie’s Blog Hop. If you get off track at any time, the full lineup below will help you move along from blog to blog so you make sure to see and learn from all of the articles featured here today.

A Fathers First Look…

No words can express the emotions and reactions that moment the Groom sees his Bride for the first time on their wedding day.  The “First Look” is when the Bride & Groom see each other for the first time pre-ceremony.

The “First Look”is not only reserved for the Bride & Groom.  One of my favorite moments of the day is the moment a Father first sees his daughter in her wedding gown, it is a very memorable moment.

Though a wedding day is focused on the bride and groom, we love to set aside a few minutes before the couples first look or processional where we give Dad the Brides bouquet and send him into her room (Shh, don’t tell Dad, it makes for the best moment & photos).

Check out a few of our favorite “Father’s First Looks”.

View More:





View More:






Weddings by Christopher-943






Tasha first Look
















Thank you to all the photographers for capturing this sweet moments: Bri McDaniels and Christopher Brock.

The next stop is  N’neka Scruggs at Images by N’neka on Natalie’s Blog Hop! Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you again next month!

Blog Hop Line-up

  1. Natalie Bradley at Natalie Bradley Events
  2. Irene Tyndale at Irene Tyndale Events 
  3. N’neka Scruggs at Images by N’neka 
  4. Rachel Huntoon at Ashford Manor Bed & Breakfast
  5. Chantal Benoit at Chantal Benoit Photographer
  6. Shaun Cox at A D.I.Y. Affair Weddings and Events
  7. Anshwa Lewis at SwaLaRue Events
  8. Kelly Snyder at Southern Charm Weddings
  9. Peter Merkle at Chicago Wedding DJs
  10. Cindy Clearwater at Something Blue Virgin Islands
  11. Katherine Shorter at Creating Awesomenessity
  12. Katrina McCullum at Made of Honor Weddings
  13. Liz Coopersmith at Silver Charm Events
  14. Debra Meadows at Meadows Events

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Wedding Specialists: Cakes by Carissa

Have your cake & eat it too!
How to prepare for your cake design appointment… 

Do you have a sweet tooth?  Choosing your wedding cake will be the “sweetest” task on your wedding planning list. There’s nothing better than sampling slice after slice of cake, fillings & frosting.  However, there are many a things to consider, including the design, the flavor(s), portion size and, of course your budget.  

We are thrilled to welcome Wedding Specialist, North Georgia base cake designer Carissa Hobbs of Cakes by Carissa, who is sharing “Tips on what to bring to your wedding cake consultation”.  

1.  The Details 
Wedding date, time & venue.
Where will your cake be set-up on the venue (inside, outside, etc.)

Photo Credit: KellyAnne Photography  Venue: The Corner District
Photo Credit: KellyAnne Photography
Venue: The Corner District

2.  The Design
Your cake Inspiration, which can be anything from color swatches, to a design on your invitation to pictures of cakes that you like.

Photo Credit: KellyAnne Photography  Venue: Rosabelle Manor
Photo Credit: KellyAnne Photography
Venue: Rosabelle Manor

3.  The Logistics
Budget & number of guest you are expecting, this will help in selecting the size of your cake and determining the number of servings needed.  

Such great tips! All of these will help in designing the perfect wedding cake for your special day. 

I’ve had the pleasure of sampling some of Carissa’s cakes and will confirm that they not only look fabulous they taste incredible too.   

Thanks to Carissa for sharing her  tips, you can see more from Cakes by Carissa on their website.

Let’s talk cake! 
Carissa and I would love to hear your sweet thoughts and questions.

What kind of wedding cake are you having at your wedding? Flavors, designs, royal icing or buttercream? Have a question don’t be afraid to ask! 

Cakes by Carissa  specializes in custom cakes for your special occasion. Whether it be your wedding a birthday or celebration. We have a variety of different cake flavors along with our signature buttercream you are sure to love. We look forward to the opportunity to meet and hear about the unique details of your special day!
Cakes by Carissa
specializes in custom cakes for your special occasion. Whether it be your wedding a birthday or celebration. We have a variety of different cake flavors along with our signature buttercream you are sure to love. We look forward to the opportunity to meet and hear about the unique details of your special day!All of these will help in designing the perfect wedding cake for your special day.

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New Year…New Services…

Although 2015 is here and we are so excited about everything we have coming up this year, I do not want to forget about all the blessings that 2014 brought us!  We at Irene Tyndale Events want to take the time to thank everyone who was a part of such a great year, and also to recap a little of all that happened.

Irene Tyndale Events Team & Partnerships

In August of 2014, Shelby Conner was added to the team as an assistant and has since then been promoted to Day-of Coordinator and Social Media Content Manager.  With a degree in Business Management and a minor in English, Shelby has experience in social media and a lot of passion for weddings and events.  Just before the year was coming to a close, Avia Shelton joined the Irene Tyndale Team as an intern.  In addition to the growth of our event planning team, 2014 also brought many new exciting partnerships.  Robin Smith is now our Lead Floral Designer.  She holds quite the impressive resume from her time spent collaborating with some of the top names in the event design world in places like Los Angeles and New York.  We were also excited to bring on Abbria McWhite as our Wedding Stylist.  From fashion blogger to magazine editor, Abbria is a style expert who can guide any bride in any walk of life to her dream day.

New Services Card jpeg
Be a Guest at your own event!

Looking Ahead to 2015

  • Invitations!  We could not be more pleased to offer you Simply Personal Invitations as one of our services.  Simply Personal is where custom art marries creative design.  From Save the Date’s to cocktail napkins, Simply Personal will provide you with a custom product that you will absolutely fall in love with.  Head over to our Design Matrix to start creating today!
  • February 18th, 5:30pm, Say “I Do” in Cobb at the Hilton Atlanta-Marietta Conference Center.  If you have not yet heard about this wonderful event, look no further!  Say “I Do” is the event for brides, grooms and their families looking for new bridal trends, inspiration and planning information in an intimate setting.  The show will include live entertainment, a fantastic bridal fashion display, inspirational tablescapes and wonderful prizes.  The first 100 Brides that attend will receive a fabulous “swag bag” with great gifts and prizes from the sponsors and vendors.  RSVP at today!
  • March 29th, 1:00pm, Behind the Veil & Bowtie at the Westside Cultural Arts Center-Behind the Veil will offer Brides-to-Be an exclusive opportunity to define their bridal style with the help of Atlanta’s finest bridal and beauty professionals. While Brides & their bridesmaids are being pampered Behind the Bowtie will be be offering Grooms-to-be advice on tuxedos, honeymoon planning and much more.  For more information and to purchase tickets visit

Keep Calm & Read Our Blogs

  • AtlantaGrooms.comAlmost every young girl reads about princesses and dreams of a wedding day where her fairytale will finally come true.  And when that day comes, boy is she determined to make it happen—down to the last perfect detail!  In the realm of weddings there is so much focus on the Belle of the ball (which there has every right to be), but what happened to the Beast?  He is the one after all, in most stories anyway, who swoops in and saves the day!  This blog is dedicated to you, the Groom—the other half of the story that doesn’t always get told.  We at Irene Tyndale Events are here to prep you on everything from the “Will you?” to the “I do,” and all that lies between and happily ever after.   Launching on Monday, February 2, 2015
  • The Wedding SpecialistA few months ago I had an idea, I wanted to create a blog that provided inspiration, ideas and advice for engaged couples from a variety of experts.  Over the years we have worked with some amazingly talented wedding professionals and in December I invited a handful to guest blog on The Wedding Specialist Blog.  Every Tuesday starting on February 3rd we will feature a guest blogger who will share their professional advice and creative ideas to engaged couples planning their Georgia Wedding.  Each expert will post for the blog on a monthly basis, covering everything from beauty and fashion trends, floral and styling inspiration, planning and etiquette advice to photography tips.

Coming soon: IT Events YouTube Channel!  Get ready to have unlimited access to all the expertise that Irene Tyndale Events has to offer.

Thank you in advance for choosing Irene Tyndale Events to dot your i’s & cross your t’s.



Chief Event Officer

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