As a groom, your role was pretty clear up until the moment you slid that sparkly ring on your beautiful gal’s finger. You may have trembled all the way through the question, but you’ve secured the love of your life for life.

And, now the adventure begins.


What Your Buddies Can’t Tell You

You’ve asked your buddies, “What does the groom pay for?” “Should I wear a tie or bowtie?” “How am I supposed to help?” The whole process can be overwhelming for you, too. Maybe you’re not sure how to express your ideas during planning or maybe you want to surprise your bride by being actively involved.

Atlanta Grooms by Irene Tyndale Events is our way of providing you with the best tips, tricks, and advice. From groom etiquette to tuxedos to accessories (ties vs bowties) to entertainment to honeymoon planning, gifts, and more, we educate you and inspire you to get involved in your wedding.

Rock Your Wedding Journey with Your Bride

There isn’t a lot of information out there for grooms and nobody teaches this stuff at school. With over 20 years of experience in the wedding and event planning industry, every groom I have worked with has had an unexpected expense or event pop up that caused some stress, just because he wasn’t aware of it.

Browse our blog and register for our local workshops, so you’re well prepared and ready to rock your wedding planning journey. You’ll find practical tips and advice you can readily apply to make this process fun and enjoyable for you and your bride.

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