It’s Time for You to Succeed in the Wedding Planning Industry with Real-World Advice and Training from a Mentor Who Has a Deep Personal Interest in Your Success.

Do you aspire to one day leave your day job and run your own wedding and event planning boutique? Do you want to own a business that allows you to put your passion and skills to use doing what you love AROUND LOVE?


Have you already stepped out with courage (albeit shaky) into the wedding and event planning industry, but you’re struggling to understand exactly what it takes to succeed?

Too many training programs don’t teach the basic skills or help you develop a stronger character as a planner, so you genuinely and authentically inspire referrals.

I’m not talking about having a business coach teach you how to make more money and book more brides (although that’s important). I’m talking about having a mentor who teaches you the basics, so you have the skills necessary to run a thriving business with a strong foundation.

A mentor cares about you and your long-term development beyond a program end date. That’s what I want for you and that’s what I want to give you.

I’m launching a powerful mentoring program very soon where I’ll get personally involved in your business development.

Building block by building block, I’ll help you learn strong, foundational skills, so you can build your business the right way.

Hi, I’m Irene Tyndale, Chief Event Officer at Irene Tyndale Events. With over 20 years of experience in the wedding and event planning industry and with multiple profitable ventures in my portfolio, I know how to help you eliminate the confusion and chaos and build strong from the ground up. I’ve taken on apprentices in my own business and helped groom them towards lead coordinators who successfully run their own events.

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