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As a wedding planner, I’m passionate about making dreams come true. But more importantly, I’m passionate about my couple’s dreams. Orchestrating the details into the day you’ve always imagined. Making your dream a reality. Letting you concentrate on your love. That said, I recognize that not everyone sees the value of a wedding planner initially. We aren’t the cheapest line-item on your budget. But I promise it is for good reason.  Read on for all the reasons you NEED a planner or coordinator!

A quick bit of background before I dive in: I’m part of a community of professionals in the wedding industry called The Rising Tide Society. We value community over competition. We strive to serve our clients to the best of our ability and to build a strong network of like-minded professionals. Through this community, I’ve met other planners that share the same ideology as Irene Tyndale Events.  This post, from a wedding planning company based in the mid-west, answers some common objections that I hear from couples. I would also like to address the following frequently asked questions (and shed more light on the venue coordinator vs. wedding coordinator question).

There are two BIG reasons that people don’t book a wedding coordinator or planner. One- price. Two- the venue has an on-site coordinator.

First- again, planners recognize that putting us into your budget is daunting. Your FIRST stop should be a planner so that we can fit your budget AROUND US! We’ll help you stretch a $10,000 budget, or wisely spend a $50,000 budget. When we are your first vendor selection, we can and will make any budget that you have workable. If you book us late in the game, you may not have realized that you could have shaved $500 off that catering bill or $1,000 off the DJ.   Our objective is to make things happen. We will keep your expectations realistic, but we will also finesse your budget in ways that you may not have thought of yourselves! You plan your wedding once- we’ve likely planned quite a few and have learned from other bride’s successes and mistakes. We can pass that knowledge on to you!

Second- we LOVE venue coordinators. A good one makes our lives easier and makes the planning experience that much more pleasurable for you. HOWEVER, a venue coordinator will NOT help you with invitation wording. They won’t attend your cake tasting. They won’t gather your RSVPs or help you determine where best to seat Uncle Bob and Aunt Karen. They won’t sit with your while you have your hair and make-up done, with your fruit plate and lunch, so that you don’t get dizzy from hunger while you’re walking down the aisle.  They won’t attend your final dress fitting to learn how to bustle your gown in case your maid of honor is cutting a rug on the dance floor. They won’t take your gifts to your car at midnight or deliver guest’s goodie bags to the hotel.  They WILL help you ensure that the actual day of AT THE VENUE is flawless. That the food is delivered HOT, that your DJ sets up in the right spot. That the florist knows where to park. When it comes to success for the reception, they’ll do everything they can to make it wonderful. But their job ends when your reception is over.

Not having a wedding planner is one of the most common regrets of couples after the big day is over. Don’t be one of them! Send us an email or give us a quick call. It will be the next best decision to saying YES!