You have read about bridal fashion before, but what about the grooms? They want to be stylish too! Too many people think that it’s just a tux or a suit the same as every other. Personality and style can be portrayed through a bride’s dress, why can’t a suit do the same?

Here are a few ideas to help jazz up a suit to show some personality:

  •  Sporty shoes. Converse, Nikes, who says you have to wear black leather shoes?!
  • Stylish cuff links. Places like Nordstrom Rack have a huge selection of cuff links to fit even the funkiest of styles.

  • A sweet tie! Bowtie or necktie, both can come in not-your-average patterns so you can emphasize your style without sticking out like a sore thumb.

  • Silly socks. Dress socks are no fun! Secretly show off your love for fish or comic book characters with printed socks.

  • Sexy shades. Sunglasses automatically “up” the cool factor of whatever you are wearing!

  • Suspenders. Ditch the jacket and show off those “too-cool for school” suspenders!

  • Undershirts.  Guys are all kids at heart right?? Why not be your very own Clark Kent on your special day with a superhero t-shirt tucked away under your suit!

Ciro Photography
Ciro Photography