MENQUIN LOGOWe are so excited to bring to you a new way to rent your wedding day tuxedo.  While enrolled in the Kelly School of Business the three founders shared their frustration on the tuxedo rental process-setting appointment, driving to shop, limited styles, etc.  There had to be a better way-thus a different type of tuxedo company was born.

Menguin has transformed the tuxedo rental process into a 10 minute process vs. the old way which takes about 4 hours and many phone calls to your Groomsmen.  Simply choose your style, register your Groomsmen (they help you keep track of your boys & send out reminders before for you), enter your measurements and Menguin will ship your custom sized suit 5 days before the wedding.  100% guarantee, if something doesn’t fit they will overnight you the replacement at new extra charge.  After the wedding slip the tuxedo back into the box and ship it back, they provide a pre-paid shipping label.

So before you run out to the corner tuxedo shop, take a peep into “Who is Menguin”, then visit their website to register your Groomsmen at