With wedding planning season in full swing and Brides “Saying Yes to the Dress”, theres little talk about what the groom will wear.  We encourage grooms to explore their options in style, color and fabrics for their wedding day tux.  At The Modern Gent their experts at crafting wardrobes to fit personal tastes, flatter proportions and support life’s greatest moments.  Get to know The Modern Gent:

The-Modern-Gent logoHow did Modern Gent begin? I started The Modern Gent in 2012 after 4 years in men’s luxury formal. I kept seeing pictures of beautifully styled and elegant weddings with the men in poor fitting clothing that ruined the entire aesthetic. There were very few retailers knowledgeable about both fashionable menswear and the etiquette of the wedding industry and it was important to me to merge those two worlds.

 What is the mission of your company?
Our main mission is to educate our clients about the importance of giving as much attention to the men’s attire as the ladies. The men can tend to be overlooked during the whole wedding process but having them look and feel great, confident, and comfortable is important. They deserve the attention and results of fine garments and service at a great value.

What is the best part of designing these suits for a wedding?
Creating a custom piece specifically for such a momentous occasion is an incredible honor to me. There is a lot of love and craftsmanship in each design so my favorite part is the moment I open the box from my factory and see the finished product. It’s a moment of anticipation and pride and never gets old for me.

When I have clients who have never had a custom suit, or even rarely wear suiting at all, its really fun to see the moment they first look in the mirror with the whole look put together. They’re always shocked at how comfortable and confident they feel in a piece tailored to fit their particular figure. Then the moment of realization that they’re marrying their fiancé in that suit hits. It’s a really cool process to be a part of.

What is the process like when a wedding party decides to hire you to create their

Photo Credit: Ross Oscar Knight Photography
Photo Credit: Ross Oscar Knight Photography

Whether it’s product through the rental program, pieces off the rack, or creating custom suits or tuxedos we start with a consultation where we determine styling for the whole mens side of the wedding party. I advise based off formality, time of year, and budget to create the perfect, unique look.

Typically grooms will buy their attire which ensures a more specified fit and unique styling. We carry several suit and tuxedo options in store readily available. When it comes to the custom process, first is a design consultation where fabrics, linings, and trims are selected. 45 measurements are taken and the styling of pockets, lapels, and everything down to thread color are specified. Fabrics then ship to my New York factory and the pattern is cut and suit assembled by master tailors in a process that takes 6-8 weeks. Your name and wedding date gets sewn inside and your world-class quality garment ships back home.

In the case of the rental program, we assign a project manager to each wedding to reach out to groomsmen directly and manage logistics. For Atlanta-area weddings we offer onsite fittings and related services for convenience.

How many different options do clients have when designing a suit?
When it comes to the custom program and all the different fabric options and styling details, the options are pretty much infinite. Linings, lapels, button styles, pockets, and finish details are all able to be customized. I carry several thousand fabrics from Scabal, Zegna, and Escorial.

How far in advance should someone contact you?
6-8 months out is ideal because all product options are on the table, and there’s time to source something unusual if it’s not already in our offerings. But, we can execute weddings within a few short weeks as well.

What are some of your favorite suits that you created for clients and why?
Kerr- One of my all-time favorite pieces and a big point of pride. The first midnight blue tuxedo I ever made and inspired by the tux Daniel Craig wore to the 2009 Oscar’s before the trend for midnight blue started up last year.


Angelo- dinner jackets are a big trend we’re seeing right now and Angelo wanted something very unique but that would also work for a traditional Swan House wedding. We used pattern and texture to get this cool, modern twist on the classic ivory jacket.

Photo Credit: Ross Oscar Knight Photography

 For more information and to schedule a consultation visit their The Modern-Gent or contact Kate Donachy at 404.909.3750 or kate@themodern-gent.com.