Real Bride Chat-Post Wedding Reflections

On March 23, 2013 Nicole Ash & Jason Faulkenberry said “I Do” at the Doubletree Roswell surrounded 90 guest.  A lover of champagne and everything it stands for the couple wanted their weekend to be a celebration of their love.  

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How different was your original wedding vision from your actual wedding?
Fortunately, Jason and I had a long engagement (about 17 months). This gave us the time to not only plan in detail the things we wanted for our wedding day, but also the time to execute them and of course save the money we needed to budget them. With this being said, our wedding day went out without a hitch and it was everything we had imagined and more 🙂
Nicole & Girls

What surprised you most about the planning process?
What surprised me most about wedding planning was basically ALL the stuff there is to plan for! From all the vendors, to the venue, to the dress, guest list.. the list in endless. It was pretty overwhelming especially because I live away from all of my family. There is NO way I could have done it without some assistance. I was surprised that I really needed an experienced professional to keep all the details straight for me, and to keep me on track with deadlines.

What surprised you the most about the wedding day?
What surprised me most about my wedding was how fast it flew by! It was a wonderful night and I enjoyed every minute of it, but it goes so fast! Luckily, I had a FANTASTIC wedding coordinator who kept track of all the wedding things that need to be done throughout the night (cake cutting, bouquet toss etc) so I was free to enjoy my time with my husband, family, and guests with the occasional interruption from my coordinator to get these tasks done.
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What was your favorite moment of the wedding day?
My most favorite moment of my wedding day was the ceremony! While I was super nervous to have all those eyes on my when I walked in, it was amazing to see all my loved ones in one room there to celebrate with me. Of course while I had all those eyes on me, my eyes were focused on one thing… my groom looking back at me up at the Alter. I will never forget the moment I first saw his reaction to me decked out in the wedding dress. I looked at him the entire walk up the aisle. When I finally got up there, he whispered to me “You look awesome” Haha.

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Finally, what is your best tip for future brides?
My tips for future brides would be to really take the time to decide on the things you want for your wedding day. Explore all your options because there are A LOT! Also, make sure you take some time to actually eat the food! With so many things going on, and so many people wanting your attention its easy to let dinner pass you by. But, its a long day and you need to eat, and you paid for it! Haha. Finally, I would definitely recommend having someone who KNOWS weddings on your side. There are so many behind the scenes details I wasnt even aware of let alone knew how to handle. Yes, you may have family who can help you plan, but on the actual wedding day it is so vital to have someone who isn’t a guest there to coordinate all of the many activities going on around you. As I said earlier, this leaves you free to enjoy your special day!
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