10 Tips to Kickstart your Wedding Plans 

1.  Announce your Engagement

We live in a socially connected world via media these days. So when major events in our lives happen our first impulse is to Facebook and Tweet.  Pick up the phone and call your close family then friends and tell them the great news.  They will be so excited to hear the story from you and not reading it online.

2.  Set a budget

Long are the days of tradition when the “Bride’s family paid for the wedding”.    It is common practice to see both sides paying for the big day.  Talking about money is never easy for either side, but get it out of the way early so that you can enjoy the Wedding Planning process.

3.  Create your guest list

Your guest list will be dictated by your budget and will assist you in choosing your venue and vendors.  When creating your guest list think about who in your lives you would want present on your Wedding Day.  Create a must invite list first with your closet family and friends.  These are the people that mean the most to you.  Cut guest that you haven’t spoken with in over a year, eliminate co-workers, second cousins, etc.  Everyone will want to be invited but not everyone is a VIP on this day.

4.  Choose your Bridal Party

Like your guest list choose your closet friends and family members to stand with you on your day.  Big isn’t always better, a small group will be easier to manage.  Find a fun creative way to invite everyone to be your wedding party.  Be open if someone declines your invitation due to finances or work schedules.  

5.  Choose 3 possible dates/time 

Choosing a wedding date is not easy there are so many factors to consider.   Ask yourselves the following:  what time of the year to you prefer, the weather, work/vacation schedules and holidays.  Then choose three dates in case your preferred dates are not available.

6.  What’s your wedding style?

Knowing your wedding style will help you plan and design the wedding details from start to finish.  There are so many styles to choose from classic, vintage, modern, rustic, etc. Once you figure out your style create a board on Pinterest to share with your wedding vendors.

7.  Consider a hiring a Wedding Planner

Hiring a Wedding & Event Planner, needn’t be a luxury-it can actually help you to save both time and money.  If nothing else, consider hiring one for the big day to organize vendors and other details while you get ready.  Wedding planners have other bonuses, such as getting you deals you wouldn’t get otherwise.

8.  Research & Interview {Ceremony, Reception Venues, Planners, Vendors}

Referrals are the best research you can do.  Talk to your friends who recently got married who they used. Read online reviews on Facebook, Yelp, local wedding planning sites and magazines.    Contact and make appointments with at least two vendors per  category to compare.


Plan on booking your vendors in the following order:

Ceremony Location

Reception Venue

Wedding Planner


Catering if not provided by the venue






9.  Say Yes to the Dress!!

You have been working hard thus far grab your Mom and Bridesmaids and head over to the Bridal Salon and play.  You will say “Yes” to the dress that makes you feel your best.

10.  Enjoy the Planning!! Remember to take some time out from planning to stay connected to your fiance.